International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium

Who we are

The International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium (IMSGC) is a highly productive international collaborative, composed of members from academic institutions all over the world (see also Members). The IMSGC is founded on the principle that collaboration and synergy will lead to more rapid progress than can be achieved individually. We strive towards a full understanding of the inherited influences on etiology, pathogenesis, clinical course and response to treatment of the disease multiple sclerosis.

How we work

The Strategy Group consists of Principal Investigators leading teams within which most work of the Consortium is coordinated. Strategy Group members propose and agree by consensus most medium‑term research activities and communicate the work to Members for whom they have responsibility. Members of IMSGC are associated with one of the constituent centers. Working Groups focus on specific projects and are formed by Members who bring particular expertise contributing to the project. The Governance Group consists of a small group of experienced individuals who nurture a culture of common purpose and collegiality across the many constituent groups and countries. One person of this group acts as Convener or Coordinator.

Whom to contact

Prof. An Goris, Coordinator of IMSGC, is the contact person for general questions about IMSGC or about becoming a Member.